No, obviously intended is not a brand new mobile telephone operator, the string Kik Online. It is about a Messenger, which allows cross-platform and free news Android and Win Phone to deliver. 7 in Case A data connection (WLAN or UMTS or mobile Internet) is may you just and your buddies to deliver a note in real time and share with you this. This works suggested, system-independent, easy not to mention totally free.

Kik Messenger called this useful app and offers an excellent option to a recognized opponent in this area, specifically “whats app”. WhatsApp know definitely some, no wonder it is a terrific application, but perhaps not enough, because it does not support Windows Phone 7 (yet?). Windows Phone 7 is also supported by the Kik Messenger and is for me personally consequently perfect. Additionally helps the Messenger Smileys and delivering images (from your gallery and with access to the camera).

In my opinion, a very obvious “must have” for many smartphone customers! Delightfully simple, free that has an excellent variety of features and seems to from fairly. And most important: Finally a messenger which unites all three platforms :)the manner: the globe use Kik Messenger has over 4 thousand folks!

Never to neglect: “PingChat” Maybe Not like (yet another application in this area) should be input info personal, you have only input a title and an e-mail for confirmation when you first start the app. Additionally, the program operates reliable and extremely quick and also gives push assistance.

Tip: Enable Chinese instruments in GarageBand

Apple’s charm offensive in China passes both by participation in Didi Chuxing of fundraising as an update of GarageBand dedicated to Chinese music . Visibly proud of her, the Cupertino company has unsheathed the press release and the video (shot in the iPhone) with Tim Cook . But run GarageBand, and you will not find any Chinese instrument.


Percussion hiding in the section Drums . Tap the arrow in the top left, then the kit name, scroll to the end of the list, and then choose Chinese Kit

The other instruments must be activated separately. Tap the gear icon in the upper right, then the tab piece , select Advanced , and select the last option Chinese instruments

The pipa, a kind of four-stringed lute, and the erhu, a sort of fiddle with two strings, then appear in the selector tools. The handling of the erhu makes great use of 3D Touch: pressure changes affect the frequency of pushed and pulled the bow.

Two new modes also appear in the menu Live Loops : Chinese Traditional and Chinese Modern . The latter shows how it is possible to mix ‘western’ instruments and traditional Chinese instruments. Apple Book 300 new loops with Chinese sounds.

Activation of these instruments and loops is much more easy in GarageBand on PC: simply download them.


Tips for Keeping Your Computer Healthy

keep-your-computer-healthy1Computers were once thought of as a luxury, but they have become a necessity in today’s world. People need their computers for many things which includes doing business, working and going to school. Many people also use their computer for recreational purposes. That is why it is important for them to make sure that their computer stays healthy. One of the best things that people can do to keep their computers healthy is install an anti-virus. An anti-virus is something that can help prevent viruses from infecting your computer and may also help clear up existing ones. It also helps monitor the computer for suspicious activity and will even block a site if it detects a threat.

People also need to make sure that they avoid opening emails that have suspicious attachments. Attachments are one of the most common reasons that people get viruses on their computers. Many anti-viruses will scan the attachment for viruses, but it is still important to be wary if it comes from a source that one does not recognize.

It is also important to take good care of the computer itself. Eating and drinking around the computer should be avoided because one spill can ruin a computer. People should also make sure that they keep their computers clean by wiping them down with rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs every now and then. Lint-free cloths and paper towels can also be used to clean a computer.

People who find that they cannot fix their computers on their own should consult with a professional. This is very important because people sometimes make their problems worse when they try to fix them themselves when they should be consulting with professionals. I remember when I had a problem with my computer that I consulted with a Brisbane computer repair company.

They fixed my computer for a fairly reasonable price. I would recommend anyone who is living in the Brisbane area who is having trouble with their computers to consult with one of the computer repair Brisbane based companies. They do great work for great prices. One will not be disappointed with any Brisbane Computer Repair Service Company